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Bristen på lokal multiplayer i Excitebike: World Rally förklaras

Monster Games verkställande direktör Richard Garcia och Nintendos Hiro Yamada har förklarat för 1UP varför de inte inkluderande möjligheten att spela multiplayer lokalt i nya WiiWare-titeln Excitebike: World Rally.

”We wanted to add local multiplayer to this game as well. But as you can see by playing the game, the player can jump so high that they leave the screen for a while. If we split the screen horizontally, the player can jump off the screen for an even longer time whenever they do a big jump. We couldn’t split the screen vertically, since it is important in this game to see down the track to plan your moves. Instead of being fun, split-screen was just stressful. We finally decided that it would be best if multiplayer gaming was restricted to Wi-Fi mode.”

Excitebike: World Rally släpptes till WiiWare den 9 november. Det är ditt för 1 000 WiiPoints; motsvarande 100 kronor.

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