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Nintendo 3DS kan bli ”väldigt spännande för utvecklare”, säger Blitz

Nintendos tillkännagivande av Nintendo 3DS, en bärbar konsol med kapacitet att visa ”äkta” 3D-grafik utan 3D-glasögon, har varit ett skäl till upphetsning för många utvecklare som är intresserade av tekniken. En av dem är Andrew Oliver, chief technical officer hos Blitz Games som har jobbat mycket med 3D-teknik tidigare.

“I’m fairly sure it would be based on the parallax barrier method, which is better than lenticular screens and has seen some great advancements recently,” sade Oliver till GI.biz. “It can also be turned off to give a perfect 2D screen as well. This screen already exists in the Fuju 3D camera and I have a 3D laptop from Sharp with this technology and it works very well for one viewer within a reasonable viewing area for a handheld.”

“As a massive advocate of 3D, I’m definitely hoping that it will accelerate 3D adoption within other gaming systems. When done properly 3D really adds a huge level of immersion to games,” fortsatte han. “One of the problems facing its adoption is that some people are jaded about 3D, because it has had a history of being done badly. But when people see new carefully crafted 3D games, they will be convinced it’s no fad – it’s a fantastic jump into a new dimension.”

“3D will literally add a new dimension to the DS. New movies such as Avatar have shown that 3D is very popular with consumers. The question is: will the new 3DS have new hardware to support the extra level of graphics that will be required to create good 3D visuals?

“If this is a whole new console, then it should be very exciting for publishers and developers,” avslutade han.

Nintendo kommer att visa upp Nintendo 3DS på E3-mässan i juni, och om allt går som planerat kommer den att finnas på butikshyllorna innan maj 2011.

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