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Michael Pachter tror inte på Wii U

Michael Pachter, analytiker hos Wedbush Morgan Securities och återkommande gäst på GameTrailers diskussionsprogram Bonus Round, har upprepat att han inte har någon större tillförsikt att Wii U kommer att bli en framgång. Han diskuterade konsolens möjligheter under Develop Conference i Brighton förra veckan, och hans uttalanden dokumenterades av Edge Magazine.

“(Wii U) isn’t going to work. I don’t get it. I think that essentially this is a solution in search of a problem. I mean, somebody had an idea – ‘let’s make the controller a tablet’ – and there aren’t many games that are going to take advantage of that.

Activision never said anything to me, but I know that [for] big games like Call Of Duty they said, ‘No, we’re not putting it on there if you don’t give us a conventional controller’. So they gave in.”

Han sade också att Nintendo ”hade tur” med Wii, och att han tror att de inte kommer att ha samma tur med Wii U.

“(The Wii is) gimmicky. It worked, they got lucky, [but] I don’t think they’re getting lucky with Wii U. I don’t think they suck – I just think that they really believe that, ‘If we’re still novel, everything we do will work’. This isn’t going to work. Hardcore gamers will buy them; hardcore Nintendo fanboys will buy it. They could put out a piece of cardboard and say that it’ll play Mario and they’ll buy it.”

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