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Gearbox: Borderlands 2 skulle ”passa bra” på Wii U

Gearbox Softwares medgrundare Brian Martel har lämnat ännu fler positiva omdömen om Wii U i en intervju med Deadspin.

“We really like the Wii U. I think it’s a really cool platform. I like what they’re doing – obviously with the touchscreen – and it will be interesting to see what Microsoft do with their approach to that idea. It’s one of those problems of the Wii: the only people who have ever made a lot of money on the Wii is Nintendo. So we’re really excited to bring Aliens: Colonial Marines to it. And we’re going to do a wait and see approach, our publisher 2K is going to see whether they’re going to go with that.”

Martel blev tillfrågad om hur han tyckte att Borderlands 2 skulle fungera på Wii U. Gearbox har inte någon Wii U-version av den kommande förstapersonsskjutaren under utveckling just nu, men Martel verkar tycka att det är en bra idé.

“If Borderlands 2 was on the Wii U, the thing I would be most excited about is inventory management: it would be amazing on that, it would just be fantastic. And I think the artwork would look really good, with the way they can deal with the resolutions and textures, I think it’s a really good console.”

Borderlands 2 släpps till Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 och PC i mitten av september. Wii U kommer att släppas i slutet av 2012.

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