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Sakurai om 3DS och ögonsmärtor

Masahiro Sakurai, producent för Nintendo 3DS-titeln Kid Icarus: Uprising, har berättat hur han försöker motverka problem med ögonbelastningar i spelet.

“The screen on the 3DS is a really beautiful screen and achieves very nice effects. In my experience of development and actually using it, when you have a lot of objects flying towards the user I find that it’s more likely to cause eye strain so during development I’m using objects moving away from the user which doesn’t have that effect,” sade han.

3D-skärmen i Nintendo 3DS har dock fördelar som uppväger problemen, lovar Sakurai.

“The 3D certainly has a lot of benefits. You might notice that the bullets or shots have an arc to them. In standard shooters or FPS games you see the bullet travel to its destination and it’s just a dot because it travels in a straight line. But because of 3D technology you can use arcing shots and get a sense of a bullet traveling with real depth.”

Kid Icarus: Uprising förväntas släppas samtidigt som Nintendo 3DS; tidigt nästa år.

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