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Warren Spector verkar gilla Nintendo 3DS

Warren Spector

Warren Spector, designern bakom Deus Ex och Nintendo Wii-titeln Epic Mickey, har ägnat de senaste dagarna åt att ösa kärlek över Nintendo 3DS.

“I was backstage at the Nintendo Press Conference on Tuesday, June 15, and as each new 3DS feature was described, my jaw got closer and closer to the ground.“

”It’s a game machine… it’s 3D… it has a gyroscope and accelerometer built in… It has Wi-Fi connectivity and shares data with other 3DS’s in the background… It has a 3D CAMERA!… and it PLAYS 3D MOVIES WITHOUT GLASSES!… I swear if they’d said it was a phone, too, I would have dashed back onto the stage and snatched the prototype and run like the wind! I half expected to hear it would tuck me in at night!”

Warren Spector verkar inte ha blivit mindre upphetsad när han faktiskt fick börja fingra på konsolen. Han blev, som han själv uttrycker det, ”blown away”.

”Pilot Wings – incredible. Nintendogs – even cuter than before and more engaging. Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid – gorgeous. Kid Icarus is coming back plus there’s a Mario Kart, plus a new Zelda(!!!!!)! Not a bad set of games to brag about as you’re launching a new piece of hardware.”

Spector avslutade med en spärreld av superlativ.

“The 3D effect is basically perfect. I mean PERFECT. And the games and movie trailers shown on 3DS were stunning, enhanced and flat-out cooler than they could possibly have been in 2D. I was on the fence about 3D when I entered the Nintendo booth. By the time I left, I was floored.“

”I was completely wrong about 3D. Not a fad. Not going away. Here for good – and that’s a good thing. Nintendo deserves to sell a gazillion of these things. And I want the first one off the line!”

Låter som att han gillar den. Nintendo 3DS avtäcktes på Nintendos E3-presskonferens i början av juni och förväntas nå Europa tidigt nästa år.

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