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Ubisoft: Red Steel 3 kommer om intresse finns

Red Steel 2

Jason Vandenberghe, creative director för Red Steel 2-teamet hos Ubisoft Paris, har sagt att de inte kommer att utveckla en tredje del i den svärdsvingande actionserien om intresset inte finns hos spelarna.

“Red Steel 2 isn’t really a ‘do-or-die’ situation. What I meant by my comments was that the desire to make another game in the series will depend on whether or not Red Steel 2 is a success. Fact is, that’s always true. If the fans don’t want us to make a sequel, we generally won’t. See, because we know they won’t buy it. Which is sort of the point. So, in that way, this situation isn’t really all that different from any other first or second releases in a franchise.”

”As far as pressure goes, believe me when I tell you that the pressure here at Ubisoft is a light, airy breeze compared to the kinds of pressures I grew accustomed to at other companies I worked for. The pressure was all focused in the same place: the game had to be fun. We knew that, and so it led to us shaping our dev process around iteration, playtest, and gameplay. That’s a good thing.”

Red Steel 2 släpps exklusivt till Nintendo Wii den 26 mars.

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