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Före detta DICE-chef: Nintendo Wii ”är inte en spelmaskin”

Fredrik Liliegrin, före detta verkställande direktör hos den svenska spelutvecklaren DICE, har kallat Nintendo Wii ett ”virus” och har dessutom konstaterat att Nintendo vet att ”det inte är en spelmaskin”. Konsolen är i själva verket inte mer än en leksak, menar Liliegrin.

“If I got paid to develop a Wii game I would do it. I would not put an original IP on the Wii today unless I thought I had an absolute home run,” sade han. “Because the Wii, to me, I would describe it as a Virus, that doesn’t stick.”

“Everyone comes home, it’s a toy, people have got to realize the Wii is a toy, not an entertainment focused product. People come home, someone, they play Wii for a bit, feel it’s really cool, blah blah blah, they go out and buy one. Ask people how often they play the Wii, that are not the core game consumer that buys one because they have an Xbox 360 and a Wii or a PlayStation 3 and a Wii.”

“The people that only own the Wii, ask that consumer how often they use their machine. They just don’t use it, it was cool, but they’re not gamers, so they put it away,” fortsatte han. “Other than the Wii Fit phenomenon that helped a lot of people get a nice cutie voice telling that they’re fat and need to go work out, they need to find other alternatives.”

“Nintendo is smart in that way in that they realize this is not a video game machine, this is not a games game machine.”

Fredrik Liliegrin är för nuvarande chef för en studio vid namn Antic Entertainment, som producerar ”casual games for the hardcore”. Företagets senaste titel heter Junk Battles.

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