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Keiji Inafune diskuterar Mega Man-spel i 3D

Vid firandet av Mega Mans 22:a födelsedag för två veckor sedan diskuterade seriens skapare, Keiji Inafune, fördelarna och nackdelarna med Mega Man-spel i 3D genom en tolk.

“His initial thoughts on 3D would be, especially in this day in age, that 3D allows for possibilities you couldn’t do with 2D. So there’s so much stuff we can do with Mega Man that sure we can make a fun game with it. The problem is there’s a lot of stuff we designed in a 2D game that’s just speciifc to that type of world. So we would want to make sure we’d translate perfectly what makes the Mega Man 2D games fun into a 3D game.

But it’s hard to fine tune that because 3D plays differently. And people who grew up on 3D games have different expectations. And the people who played the 2D games, they may not like playing Mega Man as a 3D game. Dash worked on its own for what it was because it was a unique type of game, but if we were to make a new 3D game, we’d want to move away from that.”

Med ”Dash” syftar han på den PlayStation-titel som var känd som Mega Man Legends i västvärlden. Den portades senare till Nintendo 64 och döptes om till Mega Man 64.

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