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Electronic Arts diskuterar eventuell Dead Space Extraction-uppföljare

IGN har intervjuat Steve Papoutsis, producenten av Dead Space Extraction, för att ta reda på om det finns några som helst möjligheter att Nintendo Wii-ägare kommer att få återbesöka USG Ishamura i framtiden. Kanske i form av en remake av originaltiteln Dead Space, till och med?

“The Dead Space Fiction is massive, I mean super duper deep. There are tons of areas to explore in the time frame before Extraction. We hint at some of the stuff in the past in Extraction *SPOILER* specifically the mysterious resource wars. So there is a lot to pull from. Not to mention the discovery of the original Black Marker.”

“Visceral Games and EA are both very proud of Extraction. We set out to create a high quality Wii game and we feel we nailed just that. Everyone that has seen or played Extraction at the company has high praise for the quality of the game. The team are very proud of what we were able to accomplish with Extraction.”

“I think it is very possible to port the original game. The biggest thing would be making the right compromises and having enough time to do justice to the original. Just to remind everyone another certain Survival Horror game that was ported to the Wii took almost 6 years of development before showing up on that system. So it’s not as easy as flipping a switch to make those types of things happen. Even when you are starting out with a game that runs on very similar hardware to begin with.”

Dead Space Extraction mottogs av positiva recensioner, men dess höga betyg har inte reflekterats av dess försäljning. Med det i åtanke misstänker jag att Electronic Arts inte kommer att satsa på ett nytt Dead Space-spel till Wii inom den närmaste framtiden.

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