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Ubisoft: Red Steel 2 släpps i februari-mars 2010

Jason Vandenberghe, creative director hos Ubisoft Paris, har sagt till G4TV att studions Nintendo Wii-titel Red Steel 2 kommer att släppas någon gång under februari eller mars 2010.

“You can look for Red Steel 2 somewhere around…Middle end of February, early March, something in there,” sade Vandenberghe. “We don’t have an exact date but we’re shooting for it being done around that timeframe.”

“We got an extension outside of Christmas, which was something the team asked for and we’re really glad that we got it because it means we have the time to do what we’re doing now, which is polish the difficulty ramp across the whole game so that it’s not just cool at the beginning and then no good for the rest of it – and also, work on combining all of our pieces together, making the finish moves and the enemies all work together.”

“So we’re using that time to good effort. So hopefully all will go well with that, and I think it will.”

Enligt GameStop kommer spelet att släppas den 24 februari i USA. Ett riktigt tillkännagivande bör komma framåt jul.

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