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5th Cell: Scribblenauts hette ”Wordplay” från början

Jeremiah Slaczka, creative director hos 5th Cell, har berättat att Scribblenauts inte alltid har hetat Scribblenauts. Från början planerade de att släppa det med namnet ”Wordplay”.

“We had a lot of different names before Scribblenauts,” said Slaczka. “The original name was Wordplay, which is really lame and not fun and very generic…We’ve always gone through a lot of names before we kinda settle on a final name…”

“Scribblenauts was also actually a temp name, which is kind of funny that it actually stuck. Because in the beginning, we were just like, well we need something, we always need something for a pitch and what’s the project name. So we were like, ‘Well, this is quirky and interesting, but maybe not completely what we want to go for.’”

“But it just stuck. It made sense. And it wasn’t generic at all.”

Scribblenauts släpps till Nintendo DS den 9 oktober.

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